Jun 22, 2012

Our town is a Buzz

Today our town welcomes Buzz Aldrin, (yes i said Buzz Aldrin), the astronaut.

It is a little bit exciting to have the second man on the moon visit. He is here for the anniversary of the space mission in which Carnarvon helped  NASA put man on the moon. Carnarvon was pivotal in the communications side of things with our little satellite dish.

Buzz is here to talk to the kids of our town about his experiences and to open our Space and Technology museum. It is a great thrill.
And who said small things don't make a big deal, It is wonderful that my children will see and hear a pioneering legend talk about something that happened before they were born, but they have taken for granted just because it happened a long time ago. who knows were the Earth would be today had this monumental occasion never happened, would we still be trying to get to the moon? Would we now be looking at other galaxies? would we be sending unmanned rovers to other planets far far away?
And who knows today there may be another astronaut in the making, just waiting for their time among the stars.
Aim for the Universe and even if you fail, you'll land among the stars, and when has that been a bad thing. Ciao.

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