Aug 16, 2009

Thankyou !!!

It has been a few days since i last blogged. That sounds an awful like a confession doesn't it ?( takes me back to church days) But i must say a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa of a spoonful of sugar whom on occasion has helped me in the blogging world on technical issues. Not much has been happening in the feral house as of late, as school and work have been the main grind. Although the King of the ferals is as i am currently typing rearranging and cleaning out the back shed, I would post a photo but he is a shy creature and it might scare him away from finishing the job. And bless their cotton socks, the feral fairies are hindering oops i mean helping him. It has been a wee chilly here the last couple of days and the wind is blowing a gale and it makes me just want to have a hot bath and curl up in front of the telly, but with 3 kids nigh on impossible to do it quietly so i will have to wait awhile until they are in bed. Well that's all to report for now so until the next time ciao.


  1. Hi Natalie - it was a pleasure:) Hope you managed to get your hot soak in - it has been cold down in Perth too. Can't wait for spring!

  2. Oh - I wish I had read your blog post earlier - a hot soak in the bath was precisely what I needed!