Aug 6, 2009

Cute Fabric

Today i went and bought some fabric, we have a limited range to buy in Carnarvon as we don't have a fabric store of any kind but our local arts and crafts center stocks a small amount from Finch's Nest quilting and patchwork store in Geraldton, which is a mere 5 hour drive away from here. I have been meaning to make a small cot quilt for a friend of mine since she had her little boy and by the time i get around to it he will probably be 21. So these few remnants are what i have chosen and may be next week after i have finished off my kaleidoscope quilt i can start it. along with all the other things i have to start. I have been busy sewing for markets again and it has taken up most of my free time this week although i am more organised than i thought i would be. We have a bit of unsettling new to share too and that is that FF3# has to have an operation ( maybe, we have to wait for the surgeons appointment first) she has an umbilical hernia according to the doctor, she is 4 and her belly button enters a room 5 minutes before the rest of her and as the last 12 months have gone along her belly is poking out more and more, so now is the time to get it fixed. But the doc said not to stress about it as it is very common, but we are still worried. Well anyhoo i must away and make a slice as we have a visitor coming for afternoon tea today, so until next we meet ciao.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your daughters health issue. My son had a similar hernia when he was a toddler and had to have a repair done.

    Love your new fabrics - should make a perfect quilt for a little boy!