Aug 26, 2009


Today was a good day ! today i managed to make 2 dozen muffins 1doz choc caramel and 1 doz bananananana walnut. Both very yummy and easy peasy to make and even easier to eat. All the washing was done and yes dare i say it some patchwork, perhaps i should have told you to sit down first and hopefully by Sunday a certain quilt top will be done. Cross fingers. BUT only if my sewing machine stays in it's current condition. Today i had to do some surgery on my machine as it was making noises and not doing so well, so i took it apart and gave it a bit of a clean out and then i had to fight the huge monstrous dust bunny that formed when all the small insignificant bits of dust statically clung together, but the bunny and i are friends now after we had a cuppa and a chat and he really is just misunderstood. And we have decided that rather than taking the kids to the movies on the weekend we could do a wee bit of bonding and go together instead. But all is good with the world and my sewing machine is now behaving itself. So until we next meet in the cyber world take care and watch out for my friend he might be lurking near your machine too. ciao

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