Mar 22, 2009

teecatobee giftware

We are all moving slowly here in the feral household as last night i had to work at the local speedway and the king of the ffs and i didn't get home until about 2am this morning. We have decided to volunteer our services this year and we get a good discount on our membership for doing it so i think its a good payoff.
The photo i have included today is some hand painted glasses a very talented friend of mine does, we share a table at the local craft markets and unfortuneately this photo doesn't do them justice but they are beautiful and she sells them at quite a good price too, as far as i am concerned anyway, and they make the best pressies. ff#3 hasn't been well since yesterday and i think she is just very tired and school has finally caught up with her so i think we could all have nana naps today.I am hoping to try and get a least one quilt pinned today but my enthusiasum is waning and i would like the quilting fairy to come and finish them off for me, but i don't think that will happen. well ciao for now and hopefully i will have more to say about stuff soon, i have actually worked out that as busy as i am i am a very boring person.


  1. Welcome to blogging!!! Love the hand painted glasses that your friend made - especially love the one with the frangipani's! Enjoy your weekend.

  2. Nat - your a legend! This blogging thing is great! Thanks for the awesome write up in your blog. You really are too kind....