Mar 23, 2009

the owls have landed

Well today i have spent the day making three more hooties with ff#3. She has asked for me to make some to take to kindy, so i made 3 more and she helped to stuff them. Which according to her is a really hard job making owls fat, but it was good to spend some time with her where she wasn't just asking for food or annoying me for the sake of being annoying. Tonight i have a night off from cooking which is great, the feral fairie family go to my mums house every monday night to have genuine authentic italian spaghetti (scicilian style) from my great grandfathers family recipe, so if you ask for it i will have to kill you straight afterwards as its a secret. But it is the best spaghetti you will ever taste and the heartburn afterwards can attest to the richness of the sauce. Yesterday i did a bit of blog reading and came across a gorgeous gift idea from and as easter is arriving fast this would be perfect for kids of all ages. So i might have to try and get my bum into gear and make a couple for some of my friends kids. Well ciao for now.

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