Mar 25, 2009

English Rose

I finally pinned and started to quilt my English Rose lap quilt today. One down 3 to go, tonight is "Bitch & Stitch" so i am hoping to get most of it done and then i can get organised on the binding.
I have been very lazy today as well and started reading a new book by Stephanie Laurens i love historical romance and Clive Cussler adventure novels and Amanda Quick is my absolute fav with Stephanie Laurens a close second. I live my life with a very unromantic king of the feral fairies so my romance has to come from somewhere. Very sad but it's life.We are going to Perth in the second week of the school hols too, which i am counting down to. I can visit patchwork stores, home ware stores and get some new clothes and i can't wait. We live in a town 5 hours drive from the nearest city and 10 hours from Perth so it is not very often i get to spend money on things and that could be a good thing, and we are going to a wedding for ff#3s godfather Uncle Darrell and his gorgeous lady Christine, so we can't wait for that either only a couple of weeks to go yaahhh. so enough rambling for now ciao.

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