Mar 26, 2009

Grumpy Bum

Today i seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I am very grumpy and the kids are not listening to me, as the king calls me at the moment "the Brick Wall" because thats what i keep hitting my head against and when i talk to the ffs, it's like talking to a brick wall cause they don't listen either. I may just have to take a happy pill tonight and see how i go. I got absolutely no sewing done today but i did manage to get the sewing machine out of the car this arvo after last nights patchwork group session. Which i managed to get quite a bit accomplished so i am happy with myself for that. Tomorrow will be unproductive on the sewing front as i have ff#2s school assembly item in the morning, then i help with reading in her class after assembly and ff#1 will be getting a merit certificate as well. Then i have to go pay the bills and shop(who said mums don't do anything but have cups of coffee and watch the soapies.) Oh i remember it was the king of the feral fairies and now i know why i love saturday mornings with my BFF Cookie. NO KIDS, NO HUSBAND AND NO WORRIES. Just a pity it's not friday night at the pub instead lol. well the ferals have finished dinner and the tantrums have started again so i think i will go and scream by myself in the shower very loudly. ciao

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