Dec 7, 2009

Please Sir can i have some More !!!!

TIME! I need more hours in the days and more sleep and more patience. Can someone send me some please, as mine is in short supply. This week has been as hectic as last week and the hustle and bustle doesn't look like ending anytime soon. I have completed more xmas stockings and finished a quilt (pic above) finally 6 months after starting it and cleaning for xmas parties and school meetings and work stuff is still ongoing but soon i will have 2 whole days off to do nothing and i can't wait.

These little babies were for our main street party that happened on friday night and i sold one thing, not good . So my making for markets has now come to a halt and my blogging will probably come to a halt soon too. Seams to me i try things and they don't work out so i may as well quit while i'm a head. But anyways thats all i have to dribble about for now so ciao.

1 comment:

  1. I think that would be a real shame Natalie. You do a wonderful job of both your sewing and your blog. I know I look forward to reading about your latest escapades as well as seeing what you made most recently. Don't give up hope! Ask the Angels to help you out! Much love xxx