Mar 17, 2009

The Hooties have Landed

Well the king of the feral fairies managed to work out how to get the photos downloaded without the usb, clever boy. And here they are !!!!. There is one missing, he went on a playdate the day we took photos and apparently had a good day at school with ff#1 .Today was very quiet at home as ff#3 went to kindy and i was a little lost, but managed to get a bit done which was fantastic, I did washing, sewing, baking and even watched a dvd for a change without the name MUM mentioned once it was bliss even if it was a bit freakily quiet. Dinner was made when the kids did their homework after school and now all i have to do is cook the pasta and dinner is done man. ff#3 is cranky and won't get in the shower so early night tonight for her me thinks. I must say this blogging thing is getting a bit easier to do to, must be getting cleverer me thinks, at least the kids won't have to teach me how to do this on the computer now. well i suppose i must go and finish dinner and eat because the ffs are getting more and more feral as the minutes tick by, so ciao for now.

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