Mar 16, 2009

Still No Photos

Well i am at a complete loss as to where the usb cable is for the camera, the king of the feral fairies still hasn't found it at work and i am unable to find it at home although the computer cupboard got a great cleanup today. The ffs are watching a fave cartoon so i have a few minutes peace, and i am Glad as ff#3 and i have been cleaning the house today and the kitchen got a bit of a loving hand today.I thought about pinning the back of my lap quilts today but put it in the to hard basket so i might do it tomorrow when ff#3 is at kindy and i have no one around to distract me. I got an email from a friend on the other side of oz the other day and she has not been feeling to well so if you read this Nanna Cheryl get well soon!!!!. nothing else to report so I'll sign off for now. ciao

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