Mar 15, 2009


I thought i would post a pic of my mermaids that i make, it is a pattern i thought up all by myself although that pattern has now been revised and i make them a bit differently. Still the same concept and size but a little bit easier to handle and make. I was going to post a pic of the hooties i made from a book called 50 quick and easy crafts, which has some fab craft ideas for pressies and gifts for yourself, but my dear hubby the King of the feral fairies can't find where he put it last and as i have previously said i am not that computer savvy and i don't know how to put the memory card straight into the usb port but i will have a go a bit later. We had a good night last night, we went to the schools St Patrick's Night and had a good time and today we are a bit slow in moving around and getting organized.The ffs are in the pool and at least leaving me alone for a while but tonight they will be going to bed early as the other night we went to the neighbours for a lamb on the spit and had a fab night with good friends and food and wine of course. Well i will so ciao for now and wish me luck in the photo war.

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