Apr 10, 2011

Well call me Miss Tardy!

I have been absent for a while and it shows i suppose, i have been a busy girl lately, and i mean BIZZZZZY.
I decided that i was sick and tired of all the clutter in our house and have therefore been decluttering. It all started out in the kitchen with a few things that were taking up valuable cupboard space and i thought i would get rid of them as they hadn't been used in a million years (well at least 12 months). But the urge to purge didn't stop there and i must say i got a wee bit carried away and eventually nearly the whole house has been purged of it's wickedness and gluttony. What stared out as a small pile of junk manifested itself into a huge monster taking over nearly a quarter of my dining room. I was going to take photos but i must say i was ashamed that i had that much stuff that i was hording so that is why there is no photo. As i was cleaning though i noticed that the walls in my house had been a little worse for wear and a little abused after 3 feral princesses have been growing up here that i thought they should be painted. NOT by me mind you. this little black duck learnt her lesson last year. I rang a handyman and he quoted and i said yes, and the rest as they say is history, hopefully it will all be over this week and my palace will look clean and fresh and almost new.
The rest of the junk was taken to the school as part of a fundraising effort (car boot sale) and i made a little spending money (to pay some bills of course). The rest will be sold on the weekend in a garage sale just to try and get rid of the stuff that i had to bring home with me.
But it feels wonderful to be freer of the mess that was habitually making my life uncomfortable.
It feels as though i have been spring cleaning though and we are in Autumn does that mean i should move to the northern hemisphere.
Because of all the cleaning that has been going on not much sewing has but i have managed to pin and baste another UFO ready to be quilted.
Well that's all for now in the dreary life of Liddel Stitches so happy crafting and ciao for now.

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