Mar 11, 2011

Oh Happy Day !

This is one of my UFOs that i have finally finished and i am so pleased. This is the quilt that i had to unpick a couple of times but it worked out in the end.
I stippled the outer border and as this is the first time i have really stippled anything, i think i did a good job, but just don't look to closely OK. The king was quite impressed with all the quilting work on this one. Now i just have to decide whom to give it to. I suppose i will have to label it first. That is about the only thing that has been worked on lately, now i have another UFO to start, I will get them done. We are off for the weekend to Exmouth a 3 hour drive away for my uncles surprise bday party tomorrow and it will be nice to leave this town for a couple of days R & R.
So until next we meet ciao.

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