Feb 23, 2011

Here We Go Again

Come on sing it with me, Here we go again (to the tune of Dolly Parton). We are again on flood watch and cyclone watch. How much more water can our little town take. Hopefully not to much more. My cousin is living in Exmouth and is currently getting the force of Tropical Cyclone Carlos that started in Darwin and has continued down into the W.A. coast, hopefully it doesn't drop to much water or we will be in a wee bit of trouble again.You see the Lyons River flows into our catchment area and as we are already on flood watch it will be a waiting game to see how we fair, we certainly don't need another flood as we have already suffered 3 in 2 months.
But on a brighter note i did manage to do some sewing and try to finish a UFO but on a sourer note i think i completely stuffed it up as it has puckered as i quilted it and now i have to do a lot of unpicking, hence no photo of the quilt in question.
I think it might be time for me to say ciao and be safe.
Please also say a prayer or 2 for the families that have lost love ones in the Christchurch earthquake disaster.

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