Feb 1, 2011

The bag Lady rides again.

Yes it is i, and twice in one week too. Just thought i would show you a picture of what i have accomplished in the past couple of days.
Yes another bag. My cousins little girl is starting Kindy this week and is also dinosaur mad, so i bought some of this gorgeous fabric and made her a bag and a crayon roll to go with it to celebrate her going to school. I hope she likes it. Today i also made some ginger biscuits for the ferals to take to school in their school lunches as tomorrow they leave the nest again and venture forth into their academic fields of Years 1, 3 and 5. And to celebrate our freedom all the mums are going to go for coffee.I must say i am looking forward to them going back to school but not looking forward to getting out of bed earlier as i have enjoyed my sleep ins. Anyhoo thats all to report at this particular time so until next time, ciao.

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