Apr 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone.
Liddel Stitches wishes everyone a safe and hoppy Easter.

The palace has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks unfortunately no crafting, sewing or cooking has been going on but the House has been painted and is wonderfully bright, and we are in anticipation of a road trip coming up. The ferals, King and myself are going on holidays and we can't wait. Plus the ferals think it's extra cool because they get an extra week off school. We are going the inland route to Kalgoorlie and going to visit mines and museums along the way and possibly do some prospecting, wouldn't it be lovely to find a huge nugget of gold along the roadside somewhere. The ferals are going to keep journals of their trip to show to their classes when they get back to school, and i am going to be the official photographer (will probably be very blurry, or have no heads).
Although yesterday i did sew a small camera bag for my camera and another pouch for #1 ferals point and shoot camera and they turned out quite well but as usual i forgot to take a photo, so i will try and get one done to put on here, my camera bag is just a small tote that i adapted to fit my camera and the manual. I am very pleased with how it turned out. i used a tutorial from super eggplant that i have used many times for totes for kids birthday presents. Although i would love one that i saw on Etsy as they are to die for.
anyhoo have a great Easter and don't eat too much chocolate. ciao.

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