Jan 29, 2012

Finished at last!

We are still on cyclone watch as of this minute but not much has been happening in the last 24 hours, so that is a good thing. But i do have some monumental news for you, I have finally finished my Twinset and Pearls quilt that i started about 4 years ago. I put the last stitch in it yesterday and to say that i am glad it is finished is an understatement as this quilt has been the bane of my existence for the past 12 months. You see i have many UFOs and i just don't like quilting much so i keep making toppers and not finishing any of them.
But then i decided to stop being a coward and jump in at the deep end and get these suckers done. This one is the first one i have tackled and it did me for six as i have never quilted with flannel and chenille before and to say that these two fabrics cooperated is definitely wrong. I had it all pinned and started quilting and then realised it was too thick, so then i had to unpin and unpick and re pin with no batting and quilt it again and then hand sew the binding and with no batting in place this was difficult. but now it is done. Even with the no wadding it is still extremely warm and lucky i live in a very warm place so no extra warmth is really needed.
Well without any further ado here she is introducing Twinset and Pearls.

For Christmas i also got a wonderful present from the King it was a surprise the first one he has given me since we were married 12 years ago, guess what it was! Go on guess!
It was a Kindle and i love my Kindle so much that i made a cover for it the day after boxing day using some special fabric that a friend gave me the first time i looked after her dog while she went on holidays. i have had it sitting in my stash for the past 5 years and i love the look of it. I am very proud of my Kindle and it's cover. So here it is.

It is a pouch and ties up with ribbon, this is the last thing i have sewn with my machine so i think it is high time i dusted of the little baby and got to work again, only a couple more UFOs and then i can start making some new quilt tops. Yay.
Well till next time Ciao.

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