Jan 28, 2012

Cyclone Update

Well we are now on cyclone watch, cyclone Iggy is currently a category 2 storm and hovering off the northwest coast and heading our way. Although with the unpredictability of cyclones we are unsure of what it is going to do. Our region is still battling with the massive bush fires and a cyclone with the winds it generates is the worst thing that could happen, but the next 48 hours will tell us more information.So i thought i would leave you with another picture of the cyclone forecast track map of the weather bureaus hypothesis of what may happen.
source Bureau of Meteorology
As you can see we are just below Cape Cuvier which is only an hours drive away from us, so we will be watching with baited breath as they are predicting the cyclone to become a Cat 4 storm system, (and a Cat 5 is the mother of all storms and the highest category rating). So until then wish us luck. Ciao

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