Jan 25, 2012

The Bad and the Ugly!

Well to say that 2012 has started well is not exactly true. You see here in Carnarvon Western Australia we have had bush fires surrounding us since just after Christmas. It has burnt out many thousands of hectares and is not dying its death any time soon.
We are extremely lucky to have dedicated fire crews in the area to try and stop this disaster. (see photo below of fire)
                                                                      photo source  ABC news.
But to top things off we have a couple of cyclones brewing off of our northwest coast as well that may cause problems (see below)

                                                           picture source Bureau of Meteorology.
We are below Coral Bay only a two hour drive away, rain would be nice but the firies don't want the winds or the fires may get bigger. Cross your fingers for us all please.
We are extremely hot here too, yesterday we had a top temp of 43 Deg Celsius and today we are predicted 41, way toooooooo hot for this little black duck, the air cons have been cranked high since yesterday and i know my power bill is going to be huge. :(

Well just thought i would fill you in on the Bad and Ugly to date, Lets hope that 2012 gets better, because surely it can't get worse.
Ciao for now.

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