Dec 1, 2011

Please Excuse me for Being tardy !

Oh my Lord, has it really been 6 months since i last posted?

I am sure it was only yesterday. To say that life here has been busy, is extremely understating things.
I finished my TAFE course last week and hopefully i have passed. The ferals are still at school for another 10 days or so, then hopefully things will start to slow down.

With all the after school activities and work commitments and TAFE, not much has been sewn, cooked (except the have too meals) or crafted for quite a while now, i am still trying to get through the UFO's, without much success, but at least i have not started anything new.

And to make me feel even older feral #1 turned 11 yesterday and tomorrow feral #2 turns 9, where have the years gone and where have my babies gone, these 2 have turned into wilful, independent, beautiful young girls.I think i just got some more grey hairs just thinking about it.

Christmas is almost around the corner again, i am positive i just took down all the decorations last month and cleaned up the new years mess. But obviously 12 months has passed in the speed of light or sound (which ever is faster).

Well i thought I'd drop a few lines to let you know i am still in the land of the living (just) and when things get a wee bit quieter i will hopefully resume normal transmission and be a better blogger. And maybe just maybe even show you a finished craft or too.

So until then watch the sunset, have a glass of wine and enjoy life.


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