Nov 25, 2010

I made an Alien !

This little guy is a twin, I got bored the other day and decided the sewing machine needed a work out so this is the creation we both came up with, he is a stress monster. You can throw, kick, punch, hit, voodoo or cuddle him. He has a card attatched to him as he is a present i am giving to one of the ferals teachers for Christmas. He only took about an hour to make ( extremely easy ) and i think he turned out pretty cute. There maybe hope yet that i may be able to crank out another couple of presents before Christmas, i am aiming at trying to make some headbands for the girls with some beautiful fabric i have had in my stash for years but never actually had anything to pair it with, so now i will become the headband queen ( from a tutorial i got from over at Two Little Banshees. These could become a great source of gifts for the ferals friends birthdays and i get to use some of my stash that wouldn't otherwise be used. I am going to try and get some small lap quilts basted in the next couple of weeks too, hopefully before it gets to hot, but as usual i am not holding my breath.
Anyhoo Ciao for now and happy crafting.

1 comment:

  1. Your alien is very cute - great gift idea!!

    Have a great 2011.