Nov 20, 2010

Hello allow me to introduce myself ! AGAIN.

Hello allow me to introduce myself i'm Natalie and it seems to have been a long time since i posted last. The Feral Castle has been extremely busy with extra curricular activities and we have not been home much. Although many things have been accomplished since i last posted here such as;

                      ~The laundry curtain was finished and hung.
                      ~The bedrooms were painted.
                      ~Christmas craft has been started.
                      ~A small amount of Xmas shopping has been done, wrapped & labeled.
                      ~Many School & Church activities and busy bees done & dusted.

But if you ask if my Castle is clean, tidy and harmonious, please remember I am only human.
It seems as though we are never home at the moment and tonight is no exception, tonight we are attending the local Golf Club (to whom the King belongs to)  winter season closing day. So again i seem to find myself in the kitchen cooking again. Nothing fancy though, just Chilli Con Carne & Rice and a Panzenella Salad.
Tomorrow i am hoping to get some crafty stuff done, but we will see. So until next time take care & Ciao.

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