Nov 20, 2012


Procrastinate (verb) meaning- to put off something until another time.

That is what i am doing right now, a quilt i have been in the process of making has come to a halt only because i am procrastinating about sewing on the binding. It is almost finished and yet i am still stalling. Today after work i have come home and vacuumed the house, done the washing and dishes and made dinner and now i am on the net.
The quilt is pleading to be done and must be done by next week, as it is a commissioned piece for the eldest ferals' class  at school. But alas the mojo to do it is not around.
Perhaps i shall clean the bathroom and then i may feel like doing it, although i am not holding my breath.
These are the blocks that all the kids made, they cut out and hand stitched the lettering on by themselves. I have made them into a quilt for the local parish church and school hall, a good friend of mine has quilted vine leaves on to it for me. They did this for their Confirmation and Art class. I am very proud of them they all tried very hard.

Well ciao for now i have a bathroom to clean. :)

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