Sep 22, 2010

Almost freedom

Today is the last day of school for my ferals. Tomorrow they head off to Perth for a fun filled week of annoying the grandferals.  YAHOO! Time to myself. I will miss them, but a week of no kids in the house, no one to yell at (except maybe the king) no picking up after any one will be my idea of BLISS i tell you BLISS.
This time every year my parents take my kids to Perth for the Royal Show and to see their cousins. And in the mean time i will be painting our house. It has been many years (7 to be exact) since our house was last painted and i do believe it is the perfect time to do it. I have chosen a pale smokey blue for the bedrooms and an off white/creamy pale beige for the rest of the house, so very soon i will be leaving to go to the hardware store to get all the necessary paraphernalia to get the job done. I am hoping to get the job finished by the weekend, so i can enjoy some me time in between then and the kids coming home. Wish me luck, who knows i may even get in some sewing time and finish off the laundry curtain. Ciao.

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